Essentia  2.1-beta6-dev
AlgorithmInfo< BaseAlgorithm > Class Template Reference

#include <algorithmfactory.h>

Public Types

typedef BaseAlgorithm *(* AlgorithmCreator) ()

Public Attributes

AlgorithmCreator create
std::string name
std::string description
std::string category

Detailed Description

template<typename BaseAlgorithm>
class essentia::AlgorithmInfo< BaseAlgorithm >

Class that also contains static information about the algorithms that shouldn't appear in virtual functions because these should be available without the need to instantiate a concrete Algorithm. (A shame there's no static virtual function in C++) This include: the creator function, the name of the algorithm, a short description of an algorithm and the parameters it needs.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ AlgorithmCreator

typedef BaseAlgorithm*(* AlgorithmCreator) ()

Member Data Documentation

◆ category

◆ create

◆ description

◆ name

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