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  • signal (real) - the input signal


  • onsetDetections (real) - the frame-wise values of the detection function


  • frameSize (integer ∈ (0, ∞), default = 2048) :

    the frame size for computing onset detection function

  • hopSize (integer ∈ (0, ∞), default = 512) :

    the hop size for computing onset detection function

  • method (string ∈ {infogain, beat_emphasis}, default = infogain) :

    the method used for onset detection

  • sampleRate (real ∈ (0, ∞), default = 44100) :

    the sampling rate of the audio signal [Hz]


This algorithm computes various onset detection functions. Detection values are computed frame-wisely given an input signal. The output of this algorithm should be post-processed in order to determine whether the frame contains an onset or not. Namely, it could be fed to the Onsets algorithm. The following method are available:

  • ‘infogain’, the spectral difference measured by the modified information gain [1]. For each frame, it accounts for energy change in between preceding and consecutive frames, histogrammed together, in order to suppress short-term variations on frame-by-frame basis.

  • ‘beat_emphasis’, the beat emphasis function [1]. This function is a linear combination of onset detection functions (complex spectral differences) in a number of sub-bands, weighted by their beat strength computed over the entire input signal.


  • ‘infogain’ onset detection has been optimized for the default sampleRate=44100Hz, frameSize=2048, hopSize=512.

  • ‘beat_emphasis’ is optimized for a fixed resolution of 11.6ms, which corresponds to the default sampleRate=44100Hz, frameSize=1024, hopSize=512.

Optimal performance of beat detection with TempoTapDegara is not guaranteed for other settings.


[1] S. Hainsworth and M. Macleod, “Onset detection in musical audio signals,” in International Computer Music Conference (ICMC’03), 2003, pp. 163–6.

[2] M. E. P. Davies, M. D. Plumbley, and D. Eck, “Towards a musical beat emphasis function,” in IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics, 2009. WASPAA ’09, 2009, pp. 61–64.

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