standard mode | Rhythm category


  • signal (vector_real) - the input signal


  • bpm (real) - the estimated bpm (will be 0 if unsure)


  • confidenceThreshold (real ∈ [0, 1], default = 0.95) :

    confidence threshold below which bpm estimate will be considered unreliable


This algorithm estimates the BPM of audio loops. It internally uses PercivalBpmEstimator algorithm to produce a BPM estimate and LoopBpmConfidence to asses the reliability of the estimate. If the provided estimate is below the given confidenceThreshold, the algorithm outputs a BPM 0.0, otherwise it outputs the estimated BPM. For more details on the BPM estimation method and the confidence measure please check the used algorithms.

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See also

LoopBpmConfidence (standard) LoopBpmConfidence (streaming) LoopBpmEstimator (streaming) PercivalBpmEstimator (standard) PercivalBpmEstimator (streaming)