Essentia  2.1-beta6-dev
config.h File Reference
#include "version.h"

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#define ESSENTIA_VERSION   "Undefined"
#define ESSENTIA_GIT_SHA   "Undefined"
#define CASE_SENSITIVE   1
#define OS_LINUX

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  • if set to 1, this allows to use default values for the parameters when the algorithm defines them.
  • if set to 0, this requires algorithm instantiations to always explicitly specify all the parameters. If they are not all specified, the instantiation of the algorithm will fail and throw an exception.


#define CASE_SENSITIVE   1

if set to 1, all string comparisons in essentia are case-sensitive, otherwise they are case-insensitive (slower).



if set to 1, debugging will be enabled and you will be able to control it using the functions defined in the debugging.h file. It is recommended to disable it only in the situations where you need the absolute last drop of performance, because debug levels that are not activated do cost a little bit, but not that much really.



if set to 1, essentia will be exporting symbols which are part of the main API. Use this when compiling it as a shared library. Also needed for compiling the python bindings.


#define ESSENTIA_GIT_SHA   "Undefined"

Essentia github commit hash


#define ESSENTIA_VERSION   "Undefined"

Essentia version number.


#define OS_LINUX

C++ version OS type.



if set to 1, essentia will use safe type comparisons (i.e.: based on the name of the type, rather than just on the pointer) when setting inputs/outputs of an algorithm. This allows type comparisons to work across dynamic libraries boundaries, but is a little bit slower.



if set to 1, this will remove all documentation strings from the compiled library or executable.