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Sparse_Matrix_CompRow< T > Class Template Reference

#include <tnt_sparse_matrix_csr.h>

Public Member Functions

 Sparse_Matrix_CompRow (const Sparse_Matrix_CompRow &S)
 Sparse_Matrix_CompRow (int M, int N, int nz, const T *val, const int *r, const int *c)
const T & val (int i) const
const int & row_ptr (int i) const
const int & col_ind (int i) const
int dim1 () const
int dim2 () const
int NumNonzeros () const
Sparse_Matrix_CompRowoperator= (const Sparse_Matrix_CompRow &R)

Private Attributes

Array1D< T > val_
Array1D< int > rowptr_
Array1D< int > colind_
int dim1_
int dim2_

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class TNT::Sparse_Matrix_CompRow< T >

Read-only view of a sparse matrix in compressed-row storage format. Neither array elements (nonzeros) nor sparsity structure can be modified. If modifications are required, create a new view.

Index values begin at 0.

Storage requirements: An (m x n) matrix with nz nonzeros requires no more than ((T+I)*nz + M*I) bytes, where T is the size of data elements and I is the size of integers.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Sparse_Matrix_CompRow() [1/2]

◆ Sparse_Matrix_CompRow() [2/2]

Sparse_Matrix_CompRow ( int  M,
int  N,
int  nz,
const T *  val,
const int *  r,
const int *  c 

Construct a read-only view of existing sparse matrix in compressed-row storage format.

Mthe number of rows of sparse matrix
Nthe number of columns of sparse matrix
nzthe number of nonzeros
vala contiguous list of nonzero values
rrow-pointers: r[i] denotes the begining position of row i (i.e. the ith row begins at val[row[i]]).
ccolumn-indices: c[i] denotes the column location of val[i]

Member Function Documentation

◆ col_ind()

const int& col_ind ( int  i) const

◆ dim1()

int dim1 ( ) const

◆ dim2()

int dim2 ( ) const

◆ NumNonzeros()

int NumNonzeros ( ) const

◆ operator=()

◆ row_ptr()

const int& row_ptr ( int  i) const

◆ val()

const T& val ( int  i) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ colind_

Array1D<int> colind_

◆ dim1_

int dim1_

◆ dim2_

int dim2_

◆ rowptr_

Array1D<int> rowptr_

◆ val_

Array1D<T> val_

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