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  • array (vector_real) - the input array


  • array (vector_real) - the input array transformed by unary operation


  • scale (real ∈ (-∞, ∞), default = 1) :

    multiply result by factor

  • shift (real ∈ (-∞, ∞), default = 0) :

    shift result by value (add value)

  • type (string ∈ {identity, abs, log10, log, ln, lin2db, db2lin, sin, cos, sqrt, square}, default = identity) :

    the type of the unary operator to apply to input array


This algorithm performs basic arithmetical operations element by element given an array. Note:

  • log and ln are equivalent to the natural logarithm

  • for log, ln, log10 and lin2db, x is clipped to 1e-30 for x<1e-30

  • for x<0, sqrt(x) is invalid

  • scale and shift parameters define linear transformation to be applied to the resulting elements

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