standard mode | Pitch category


  • signal (vector_real) - the input signal frame


  • pitch (vector_real) - the output pitch candidate frequencies in cents

  • probabilities (vector_real) - the output pitch candidate probabilities

  • RMS (real) - the output RMS value


  • frameSize (integer ∈ [2, ∞), default = 2048) :

    number of samples in the input frame

  • lowAmp (real ∈ (0, 1], default = 0.1) :

    the low RMS amplitude threshold

  • preciseTime (bool ∈ {true, false}, default = false) :

    use non-standard precise YIN timing (slow).

  • sampleRate (real ∈ (0, ∞), default = 44100) :

    sampling rate of the input audio [Hz]


This algorithm estimates the fundamental frequencies, their probabilities given the frame of a monophonic music signal. It is a part of the implementation of the probabilistic Yin algorithm [1].

An exception is thrown if an empty signal is provided.


[1] M. Mauch and S. Dixon, “pYIN: A Fundamental Frequency Estimator Using Probabilistic Threshold Distributions,” in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2014)Project Report, 2004

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