standard mode | Duration/silence category


  • signal (vector_real) - the input signal


  • effectiveDuration (real) - the effective duration of the signal [s]


  • sampleRate (real ∈ (0, ∞), default = 44100) :

    the sampling rate of the audio signal [Hz]

  • thresholdRatio (real ∈ [0, 1], default = 0.4) :

    the ratio of the envelope maximum to be used as the threshold


This algorithm computes the effective duration of an envelope signal. The effective duration is a measure of the time the signal is perceptually meaningful. This is approximated by the time the envelope is above or equal to a given threshold and is above the -90db noise floor. This measure allows to distinguish percussive sounds from sustained sounds but depends on the signal length. By default, this algorithm uses 40% of the envelope maximum as the threshold which is suited for short sounds. Note, that the 0% thresold corresponds to the duration of signal above -90db noise floor, while the 100% thresold corresponds to the number of times the envelope takes its maximum value.


[1] G. Peeters, “A large set of audio features for sound description (similarity and classification) in the CUIDADO project,” CUIDADO I.S.T. Project Report, 2004

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