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  • bpmIntervals (vector_real) - the list of bpm intervals [s]


  • firstPeakBPM (real) - value for the highest peak [bpm]

  • firstPeakWeight (real) - weight of the highest peak

  • firstPeakSpread (real) - spread of the highest peak

  • secondPeakBPM (real) - value for the second highest peak [bpm]

  • secondPeakWeight (real) - weight of the second highest peak

  • secondPeakSpread (real) - spread of the second highest peak

  • histogram (vector_real) - bpm histogram [bpm]


This algorithm computes beats per minute histogram and its statistics for the highest and second highest peak. Note: histogram vector contains occurance frequency for each bpm value, 0-th element corresponds to 0 bpm value.

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