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This page is the main entry point to the Essentia's Doxygen documentation. This is intended to be a reference for the advanced programmer. For a more user-oriented documentation, please refer to Essentia's main documentation.

Although you have access to all the classes from here (through the navigation bar located at the top of this page), You will probably be more interested in the following pages:

Algorithm-related classes

essentia::Configurable is the base class that both essentia::standard::Algorithm and essentia::streaming::Algorithm inherit.

essentia::standard::Algorithm is the base class for algorithms written to be used in the standard mode.

essentia::streaming::Algorithm is the base class for algorithms written in the streaming mode. Most of the time you will not want to use this class directly but one of its subclasses:

The input and output classes (connectors)

In standard mode, you have the essentia::standard::Input and essentia::standard::Output classes.

In streaming mode, you have the essentia::streaming::Sink and essentia::streaming::Source classes.


essentia::Parameter is the class you want to use with essentia::Configurable objects to configure them. They are most of the time contained in an essentia::ParameterMap.

essentia::Pool is a class used to store values in a thread-safe way.