Essentia  2.1-beta6-dev
MultiRateBuffer< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MultiRateBuffer< T >, including all inherited members.

acquireForRead(ReaderID id, int requested)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
acquireForWrite(int requested)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
addReader(bool startFromZero=false)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
availableForRead(ReaderID id) const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
availableForWrite(bool contiguous=true) const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
bufferInfo() const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
lastTokenProduced() const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
numberReaders() const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
readerConsume(ReaderID id, int requested)MultiRateBuffer< T >inline
readerProduce(ReaderID id, int released)MultiRateBuffer< T >inline
readView(ReaderID id) const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
releaseForRead(ReaderID id, int released)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
releaseForWrite(int released)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
removeReader(ReaderID id)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
reset()=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
resize(int size, int phantomSize)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
setBufferInfo(const BufferInfo &info)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
setBufferType(BufferUsage::BufferUsageType type)=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
totalTokensRead(ReaderID id) const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
totalTokensWritten() const =0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
writerConsume(int requested)MultiRateBuffer< T >inline
writerProduce(int released)MultiRateBuffer< T >inline
writeView()=0MultiRateBuffer< T >pure virtual
~MultiRateBuffer()MultiRateBuffer< T >inlinevirtual