Essentia  2.1-beta5-dev
Array2D< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Array2D< T >, including all inherited members.

Array2D()Array2D< T >
Array2D(int m, int n)Array2D< T >
Array2D(int m, int n, T *a)Array2D< T >
Array2D(int m, int n, const T &a)Array2D< T >
Array2D(const Array2D &A)Array2D< T >inline
copy() constArray2D< T >
data_Array2D< T >private
dim1() constArray2D< T >inline
dim2() constArray2D< T >inline
inject(const Array2D &A)Array2D< T >
m_Array2D< T >private
n_Array2D< T >private
operator const T **()Array2D< T >inline
operator T**()Array2D< T >inline
operator=(const T &a)Array2D< T >inline
operator=(const Array2D &A)Array2D< T >inline
operator[](int i)Array2D< T >inline
operator[](int i) constArray2D< T >inline
ref(const Array2D &A)Array2D< T >inline
ref_count()Array2D< T >inline
ref_count_data()Array2D< T >inline
ref_count_dim1()Array2D< T >inline
subarray(int i0, int i1, int j0, int j1)Array2D< T >
v_Array2D< T >private
value_type typedefArray2D< T >
~Array2D()Array2D< T >