Essentia 2.0.1 released

Thu, 13/02/2014 - 11:45

We are glad to announce Essentia 2.0.1 release!

This new version includes high-level classifier models and a number of minor updates:

  • Added pre-trained high-level classifier models for genres, moods, rhythm and instrumentation (to be used with streaming_extractor_archivemusicextractor, see accuracies here)
  • Fixed scheduler in streaming mode
  • Fixed compilation with clang/libc++/c++11
  • PitchYinFFT now supports parabolic interpolation
  • Updated Vamp plugin
  • Updated documentation and tutorials
  • Minor bugfixes, more unittests, etc.

Please, compile it, use it and give us feedback!!! As usual, we are looking forward for your ideas and suggestions!